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Business Services
2E Malpas Road
NP20 5PA

Tel: 01633 262293

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We supply Samsung cash registers, Casio cash registers, 
TEC cash registers, Olivetti cash registers, Sharp cash registers, portable 
cash registers, coin sorters, banknote counters, money counters,
money counting machines, cash drawers, weighing scales. Everything for the modern retailer

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Casio SE-S100

135 + vat

Also in Red 

    Casio SE-S100 with 12 department buttons
    (up to 24 departments using shift)
    2000 PLU's
    Thermal printing cash register with Your Shop Name On Receipt.
    (with on/off switch)
    Foot print 41cm wide x 45cm deep x 18cm high
    Cash drawer (full size) with 8 coin & 4 note compartments.
    Allows you to put your shop name on receipt
    Fixed rear LCD customer display
    Compulsory till roll - use either receipt or journal mode
    Department text is programmable with names
    Clerk feature.
    Large bright LCD User Display
    We can program & set up & 12 month tel support.