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We supply Samsung cash registers, Casio cash registers, 
TEC cash registers, Olivetti cash registers, Sharp cash registers, portable 
cash registers, coin sorters, banknote counters, money counters,
money counting machines, cash drawers, weighing scales. Everything for the modern retailer

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CountEasy by Omal

How long is it taking you to count, recount and verify your cash takings by hand at the end of the working day? Are you still manually preparing your bank deposit and next day float? A till count has never been simpler and takes less than a minute to complete. Pre-programmed to  count both your coins and notes in sequence and with a running total on screen,  the CountEasy is your calculator. Light weight, portable and both mains and  battery operated the CountEasy can be used anywhere at any time.

 proven weigh counting technology
 counts coins and notes
  1 year warranty + another 3 year manufacturer warrantee (battery &charger 1 year only)
 Euro read

 299 + postage + vat
Lowest price on the net