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2E Malpas Road
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Tel: 01633 262293

Links to Banknote counters

We supply Samsung cash registers, Casio cash registers, 
TEC cash registers, Olivetti cash registers, Sharp cash registers, portable 
cash registers, coin sorters, banknote counters, money counters,
money counting machines, cash drawers, weighing scales. Everything for the modern retailer

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Standard cash drawer 465

75.00 + postage + vat

size 100mm (high) x 410mm (accross) x 465mm (deep)

8 coin sections & 4 note sections

Flip top cash drawer

95.00 + postage + vat

size 103mm (high) x 460mm (accross) x 170mm (deep)


Mini cash drawer 335

60.00 + postage + vat

size 90mm (high) x 335mm (accross) x 335mm (deep)

4 vertical note sections & 8 coin sections


Slot box for securing banknotes under the counter

55.00 + postage + vat

size 230mm (high) x 100mm (accross) x 190mm (deep)

Why risk keeping too much cash in the cash register drawer. Take away temptation by installing this secure storage for excess bank notes. The Slot Box locks into a metal retaining bracket under the counter. A different key removes the cassette from the Slot Box.


PC cash drawer connector Trigger for direct connection to PC without using receipt printer to fire the drawer.

45.00 + postage + vat