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2E Malpas Road
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Tel: 01633 262293

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We supply Samsung cash registers, Casio cash registers, 
TEC cash registers, Olivetti cash registers, Sharp cash registers, portable 
cash registers, coin sorters, banknote counters, money counters,
money counting machines, cash drawers, weighing scales. Everything for the modern retailer

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The 940 has a 110  flat PLU keyboard with programmability for free functions. Receipt & audit roll printing. The system will provide two prices for each product and 99 groups  for each product, ensuring comprehensive menus can be catered for. Table tracking for food sales. SD card slot for reporting or program copy..
e can also offer programming & 12 months tel support

435 + vat

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Sam4 ER-940

  • Up to 10,000 PLUs
  • 2 Keyboard Levels
  • 99 Groups Over 3 Levels of Grouping
  • 99 Mix and Match Totals
  • Scanning Capabilities
  • NLU Free Keyboard Layout
  • Price Inquiry & Price Change Analysis
  • Minimum Stock Entry
  • 99 Clerks By Code, & by Button
  • Clerk Interrupt
  • Training Clerk
  • Guest and table number management
  • Table Number Entry
  • Remote and Receipt Billing

  Height: 350mm Depth: 450mm Width:400mm (Including Drawer).